Digital Humanism

Great digital products reflect the culture of the teams that create them

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A mission to teach and inspire

I'm fascinated by the way we use technology – especially by the way teams create it.

Whether you are a consumer or a creator of technology the problem is the same: computers and humans behave differently. It turns out when we embrace that idea, interesting things happen.

Having worked as a software engineer and entrepreneur for almost 20 years I've begun to understand the hallmarks of high-functioning teams.

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I am the host and producer of CODR.TV: The channel for coders. CODR.TV's videos help junior and mid-level coders become better at what they do. Subscribe on Youtube and check out our informative and entertaining episodes.

As a mentor and instructor I offer a fun and practical learning experience. Newbie-to-Ruby is available now on Udemy, and has had almost 5000 students enrolled. Follow me on Twitter [@danieldraper] to stay up to date with upcoming courses and special offers.

Keynote Speaker

It was the best panel discussion I have ever witnessed on any topic. Dan was so passionate about diversity that it really lifted the entire audience.
Lawrence Crowther, Pivotal Labs Australia

I do my best to be an engaging and knowledgeable speaker. I speak regularly on diversity, technology and entrepreneurship, and always try to present topics from a different perspective.

I enjoy moderating panels on a variety of topics and work hard to ensure issues are discussed in an engaging and inclusive manner.

Though never afraid to tackle the tough issues I always try to keep things light-hearted.

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