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2012 in Review thanks to Google

Its time to sell the beast. ‘72 KE20 with a 4AGE conversion. Sprinter gearbox, custom radiator, magna front brakes, KE55 diff (needs tailshaft), Celica front struts. Reluctant sale :( $1400 ONO


One very freaky elevator prank, via onlylolgifs.

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The Adelaide Codehire Cup.

So, I’m back on the Startup warpath. Having started two companies before (NetFox and Codefire) I’m ready to do it all again with my new baby, Codehire. And, I’m seeking a co-founder.

The problem I’m looking to solve

Firstly, let me preface this by saying that I’m not building technology and hoping to sell it. I am trying to solve a problem and right now the approach happens to be with a particular kind of tech. If that doesn’t work I will change the approach but will always be focused on solving the problem.

Imagine you’re a technology business person or a senior manager in a tech company and you need to hire a coder (or a bunch of coders). But here’s the problem: you are not a coder yourself. How on earth do you know who to hire!? How do you even get a list of potential candidates? How can you pitch the role/company/team in such a way that coders will be queuing up to apply?

Even experienced recruiters struggle with this problem and tend to rely on years of experience or references which help only so much. IMHO what you need to do is get candidates to actually code. But what should they code? How can you set a task that is both realistic and meaningful?

I’ve developed a challenge engine, which I recently tested at the Adelaide Codehire Cup. The engine works across languages, can be scaled for difficulty and is virtually impossible to game.

I now want to commercialise this tech.

A co-founder

I’m not looking for another coder though if you have some tech background thats helpful. I believe a big key to success will marketing and so I’m looking for someone who is great at technology marketing and sales. You should have a passion for this sort of stuff and think outside the box. You should know social and all the usuals (SEO/SEM/PPC etc).

I happen to think I’m not a bad marketer but you should live and breath this stuff. You should be dedicated and driven. It will also help if you live in Sydney or San Francisco or are willing to move there!

I plan to seek capital and have big plans for the business.

If this is you or you know someone please get in touch (daniel at codehire dot com or +61 403 089 661).



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Would an engineer design a small, single lane bridge for a rural Northumberland village so that it could support the weight of a thousand double decker buses? No. So why do we, as software engineers try to do exactly this? That day will never come.
Alex Reid writes that there’s no shame in code that is simply “good enough”. This is a pragmatic perspective that is worth keeping around. Found via my equally pragmatic friend, Matt Allen. (via timriley)

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Client: “Can you make it so when people land on our website, it’s, like, all black with stars coming out of the screen all whoosh whoosh (does the action) like in that screensaver?”

Me: “…”

Client: “With the music from Star Wars.”

Me: “…”

Client: “And it does that for, like, a minute,…