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How not to mess up an interview with a coder! Part 1 of out interview with Ted Tenzca (Ted Tencza) Check it out!


This will help.


This will help.

News June 14: Not Building or Scaling? What’s your excuse?

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So a few days ago there was this:

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

And now Celine Dion has posted a reply.

Either Dion’s publicist saw this as a perfect opportunity for her to promote her Vegas show or the whole thing was a Jimmy Kimmel style social media setup?

What do you think?

So apparently twitter was hacked and in the process many accounts were compromised. The simple fix is to reset your password but the hackers were able to compromise the server that hosts all of Twitter’s stylesheets so that changing your password is damn near impossible.

(NB: technically it was a DNS hack that redirected traffic to a different server entirely)

The fix. If you’re on a Mac/Linux enter the following into your /etc/hosts file:

(you should remove this later when twitter fixes the problem).

Go ahead and reset your password.

Important: you should also revoke access to all of your applications in case one of those was the entry point through which your account was accessed (ie; it may not have been your password it may have been an authorized app).

To revoke access, go into your settings, click “Apps” and click the Revoke Access button next to all of your apps.

Rails devs know this feeling - just when you think you’re done…

2012 in Review thanks to Google